Find Your Betting Tips

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Reviewed By: Daniel
Updated: 31 Oct 2023

We are pretty sure there are millions of you who love to place bets on your favorite sports, there are plenty of sites to choose from. Today we are high lighting one site, in particular,

This particular site seems to go against the grain compared to others on the market and has been impressing new players all over. So are you ready to see a new side of sports betting? Then continue reading below.

Our team has been a fan of sports betting for a very long time, and it’s great to see it at the height it’s got to now. There are obviously plenty of choices when it comes to betting, you can pick between traditional sports like Football, Tennis, and Horse Racing, or you can pick more modern sports, like e-sports and e- gaming.

There are plenty of different bets you can place. You can choose to place before the game or during. This is pretty standard for all sports betting sites, but now we present They have taken a more measured and unique approach to sports betting, which is surely going to impress you.

By signing up and you will have access to three brilliant experts, all with their own way of betting. These can be viewed in more detail using their profiles. The first profile is the “Betting algorithm” which uses an advanced mathematical system to help crunch bets. It has a hit rate percentage of 63.

The second profile, Michael Betting, who was a previous stock trader for over 15 years and has 8 years of experience in sports betting. His main focus is the odds market and has a hit rate percentage of 61. In the final profile, “TipsbyRasmus”, he has spent  12 years beating the bookies and detailed analysis into matches. He has spent the last 2 years as a professional betting expert and has a hit rate percentage of 58.