How Do Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses Work?

Updated: 23 Feb 2023

How Do Free Spins No Deposits Work

Many newcomers to slots often find the overwhelming number of free spins offers at online casinos slightly confusing. They are confronted by different amounts of spins, no deposits and even no wagering. And these offers have to be evaluated against paid deposits. We’ve compiled this handy guide to help you work out which free spins bonus could be the most entertaining.

What are Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses?

Surprisingly, they’re exactly what they claim to be! In recent years, online casinos have discovered that offering free spins with no deposit to pay is an extremely effective lure in attracting new players. After all, who can resist a free offer? This type of bonus is usually awarded for simply registering at the casino. You only have to submit basic details such as your name along with an e-mail address. There’s no need to provide banking details at this stage because there is no money involved. In return for signing up, the casino then awards you some spins entirely for free.

How to Claim Free Spins

The most common rule you’ll usually encounter is that there’s a time limit for claiming your free spins bonus. There’s frequently a twenty-four-hour deadline to start using them, but you can also find forty-eight and even seventy-two hours. Occasionally you’ll see the limit listed in the casino’s advert, but we’d always advise you to have a quick read at the appropriate section in the Terms and Conditions. You won’t usually be able to receive the offer again once you’ve registered even if you haven’t used your free spins. If you want to sign up for an offer, try to choose a time when you have the opportunity to enjoy using at least a few of your free spins.

How to Activate Free Spins

Your free spins bonus will often only be available to play on a particular game such as NetEnt’s Starburst or Play’n GO’s Book of Dead, which are particularly popular. Sometimes you might be offered a choice of perhaps four or five slots from one software provider. Activating your free spins couldn’t be easier. You simply select the designated game from the casino’s library and click to play. Your activity is tracked by the casino, so it automatically recognises your eligibility to play for free. It usually indicates the game’s status on the screen along with a counter indicating how many spins you have left.

Why are Free Spins No Wager Bonuses Popular?

There’s no doubt that no wager offers are some of the most popular you’ll ever come across. They allow you to enjoy your free spins while letting you have access to your winnings without having to play through a series of wagering requirements. Most free spins offers are encumbered by wagering restrictions that can vary from twenty to eighty times. You have to bet the value of your winnings from the free spins the specified number of times before you can release your prize money from a bonus account. What makes the task harder is that there’s sometimes a time limit of around thirty days and you have to be sure you can find the time to play through so many spins or risk having your cash prizes confiscated. With a free spins no wager bonus, you simply play your spins and look forward to withdrawing your cash.

How to Withdraw Prize Money from Free Spins

Whether your winnings are placed in a main or bonus account, you’ll only be able to withdraw them once you have submitted banking or money wallet details. The casino will require additional photographic identification such as a driving licence or passport to prove you are over eighteen years of age. You’ll also have to upload a utility bill to verify your address matches that of your ID. Some casinos place limits on how much cash you can withdraw in one transaction depending on which payment method you’ve chosen. It can be a complex stage to complete, but the finer details will be easily found in the individual casino’s Terms and Conditions.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses Compared to Paid Deposits

Many online casinos display both of these attractive offers at the same time. As you’d expect, the main difference between them is that the paid version usually offers a greater number of free spins. So why choose a small number of perhaps ten, twenty or thirty free spins instead of 100 or more? A no deposit bonus might present fewer free spins, but it provides a convenient opportunity to try out a different casino without the complication of investing any money. If you pay a large deposit and then feel uncomfortable with the way a casino operates, you won’t have so much fun playing your favourite slot games.

Are No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses Good Value?

There’s a definite satisfaction about landing cash prizes when you’ve not had to pay a deposit. And by choosing a free spins no wager bonus, you can access your winnings without delay. Slot games are meant to be fun, and we reckon these bonuses provide a great deal of valuable, action-packed entertainment. Such bonuses aren’t always available, but check our up to date listings to discover which casinos have the best offers.