How Online Slot Machine Tournaments Work | Tips on How to Win

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Updated: 13 Feb 2023

how do slot tournaments work

Looking for a simple explanation of online slot competitions and advice? Our expert guide on how slot machine tournaments work gives you answers and tips on how to win. Read our blog post before entering these exciting competitions today.

What is an online slot machine tournament?

Slot machine tournaments are competitions that let you compete with other players. You enter by playing a slot game that the casino has chosen for the contest. The online gambling site sets the number of credits (also known as coins) and the timeframe. Every time you win, you accumulate more points. If you have the most winnings compared to other players during this time, you win a jackpot prize.

How much can you win playing a slot tournament?

This depends on the online casino holding the competition. As a rule of thumb, the higher the entry cost and number of players, the bigger the cash prize. For example, if ten people pay $100 dollars to take part, the prize pool could be $1,000. This is just an example. Our experts recommend checking the conditions of the slot machine tournament before you play.

Are slot machine tournaments free?

Yes. In fact, some slot machine tournaments are completely free. The cash prize, however, is not as generous as the ones you can win when paying an entry fee. To keep your costs down, claim your exclusive free spins no deposit bonus to get the best deal.

Tips on how to win a slot tournament

As we said in our online slot myths debunked post, you can’t make the reels land how you want. Yet, now that you understand how slot machine tournaments work, there are some strategies you can employ to increase your chances of winning these competitions. Here are our top five expert tips on how to win a slot tournament.

  1. Play rapid. In most online slot tournaments, you get 1,000 credits and have 10 minutes of game time. This means if one spin costs 6 credits, you have less than 4 seconds to use it all. Therefore, you need to play rapidly to make sure you’ve got the highest chances.
  2. Hold back the celebrations. When you win big mid-game, don’t celebrate. This can eat up your valuable playing time.
  3. Keep your eyes on the prize. When playing in the best online slot tournaments against other players, it’s human nature to take a look at how they’re scoring. Avoid doing this as it can slow down your play.
  4. Hydrate. Our experts recommend you hydrate before the slot tournament begins. Taking a sip of water while competing against the clock will again slow you down.
  5. Practice. Don’t enter a slot machine competition without playing it before. Many of the best slot games have complex special features. Therefore, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with these before chasing cash prizes. Check out our list of new free slots to practise without risk.