How To Set Your Slot Machine Bankroll

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Updated: 13 Feb 2023

Poker players always use a money management system, but it’s equally important to have a bankroll when playing slots. But what is a bankroll in gambling and why do you need one? Scroll down for more info and tips on how to build and maintain your slot machine bankroll today.

What is bankroll management?

Put simply, bankroll management is a system you can use to track how much you spend when gambling. Even if you’re a part-time gamer just looking to get the best offers at new casinos, our experts recommended that you have a gambling bankroll.

How big should my slot machine bankroll be?

The size of your bankroll depends on you. However, we highly advise that you only play with money that you can afford to lose. This means that you should never gamble if you need to pay bills or if you’re in debt. Also, keep in mind that your betting style should determine the size of your bankroll. For example:

  • If you like playing penny or nickel slots, we advise you to build a bankroll of 200X your bet.
  • If you prefer quarter slots or dollar slots, you only need to have funds around 150X the size of your average bet.
  • For high-stakes slots (five-dollar bets or higher), we suggest you build a slot machine bankroll 100X the size of your average bet.

Set a win target when gambling

When you win playing online slot machines, many suggest that you should set that aside and continue playing with your pre-determined bankroll. This approach works for cautious players but can limit your chances when playing progressive jackpot games. Obviously, the higher the risk, the higher reward. This, however, can be dangerous and could lead to you losing all your bankroll.

Therefore, we recommend that you set a win target. Once you’ve won that amount, you cash out the winnings. After this, you can either stop or continue playing with the money from your slot machine bankroll.

Set a loss limit when gambling

Before you play the best slot machines, establish how much you’re willing to lose from your bankroll. This stops you from running through your money too quickly. Also, resist the urge to pump more of your hard-earned cash into your bankroll when chasing that jackpot.

Use free spins and no deposit bonuses to play at the best casinos

New free spins no deposit bonuses are a perfect way to try out a new casino. We advise that you use our exclusive promotions to protect your bankroll when playing new slots. Remember that minimum wagering requirements usually apply with free spins promos. However, these are usually quite low.

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What to consider when managing your slot machine bankroll

Our last piece of advice is that slots are a negative expectation game. Therefore, no matter how well you manage your money, the odds are not in your favour if you play for long periods of time.

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