How to Play Starburst Online Slot

Updated: 13 Feb 2023

how to play starburst

A popular online slot game, Starburst has five reels with no fewer than ten different paylines, so there are plenty of ways that you can obtain a winning combination when you spin. The low variance game has a simple design which means that fans of online slots will feel immediately at home playing it. That said, it is equally suited to newcomers to this sort of game. Everything about it seems intuitive so you can get on and play it without having to do any research into the best way to maximise your chances of winning. This is likely to be one of the main reasons why this online game is well-liked by such a wide range of players.

The Feel of Starburst

This game has an arcade-style to it feel to it. The graphics of the game have a heavenly feel rather like you are an astronaut exploring space and finding fantastically colourful gemstones. Visually speaking, it looks good and the spinning reels are animated perfectly. There is even an astronomical feel to the game’s impressive soundtrack and sound effects. Although the game might not have the most original feel to it, this is actually a plus point. Players will feel immediately at home with Starburst despite the fact that it transports you to another realm.

Playing Starburst

In common with some other online slot games, you can make use of an auto-play mode with Starburst. Although this will not suit every kind of player, it is something that many people will enjoy utilising. Remember that you can take a hands-off approach for a while and relax as the gameplay unfolds but you can also turn this feature off whenever you want to and get back to being in full control.

Winning Symbols

With the action constantly on the go with Starburst, it is worth knowing which symbols will lead to a win for you when playing the game. Starburst includes five distinct lit gems as well as a red number seven. Like many other slot machines, there is also a bar, a symbol that is well worth keeping an eye out for. This is the biggest winning symbol because, even with a combination of just three bars, you will win five times your stake. A combination of four bars means getting a prize that is twenty times your stake. If you are lucky enough to get a combination of five, then you will walk away with a prize that is 25 times your stake!

The Game’s Wilds Feature

Starburst will give you access to its wilds feature when you see the Starburst Wild symbol appearing. This can be substituted for all symbols, something that will dramatically augment your chances of hitting upon a winning combination. It is also when the Starburst free spins come about. Bear in mind, however, that a Starburst Wild symbol will never appear on the outside reels – it will only ever be seen on reels two, three or four. You only need a single wild to show up on any of the three central reels to trigger the Starburst Wilds feature. This means that the wild symbol will expand to cover the whole reel from line one to line three.

After the expansion, the wild is locked in place and your free spin is awarded. Take advantage of the free spins Starburst offers you to try and get a winning combination. Helpfully, if a second Starburst Wild appears following your free spin, then the whole process is repeated. In other words, you will get another locked out wild reel and a further free spin. In this way, it is possible to obtain an expanding Starburst Wild in each of the three middle reels. If so, then you can take advantage of a total of three successive free spins. Even more attractive is the fact that this superb game feature will only come to an end when no new Starburst Wilds appear following a free spin.

Bi-Directional Wins

Starburst has a cool ‘Win Both Ways’ feature that means you can obtain winning combinations from the game’s symbols whichever direction they run in. That means matching symbol combinations can begin on reel one, on the left-hand side, as well as reel five, on the right. However, if you hit on a winning combination, this is when the arcade touches will come into play, with flashing lights, text and sound effects all letting you know that you’ve been successful.

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