RNG Meaning – What Does RNG Mean? Questions and Answers

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Updated: 23 Feb 2023

rng meaning

Want to play the best slot machines and games but unsure what the meaning of RNG is in gambling? Are you looking to find out how it works when playing the best online casino games? Our expert guide on RNG software answers your questions.

What Is the Meaning of RNG?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. Video and casino games use this software to generate random events. For instance, an RNG determines when you land a jackpot win, free spins, or other special features when playing an online slot machine.

Why Do Casinos Use an RNG?

The best online casinos use an RNG to ensure that they are giving you fair gameplay. When you load your favourite online casino game, the RNG has already created a sequence of random numbers. As soon as you spin, the result is determined. As we discussed in an earlier blog post on slot machine myths, stopping the reels mid-spin does nothing to help your chances of winning.

Since 2016, gambling licensing laws state that all online casinos must undergo routine checks by independent regulators to prove their games are fair.

How Does RNG Affect RTP?

RTP (return to player) is the percentage of how much money a slot pays you back over a certain number of spins. This rate of return is calculated over millions of spins. Top software providers tell you this when releasing their games. RNGs use an algorithm to choose combinations of numbers. It does this to ensure the established RTP percentage applies to you when playing RNG casino games.

Is RNG Gambling Software Really Random?

Although RNG stands for Random Number Generator, it isn’t completely random. RNG software uses the RTP percentage to decide whether you win or lose when playing online casino games. However, because of the RTP percentage established beforehand, RNG games give you very fair playing conditions.

Can You Hack RNG Software?

Yes, but it’s not easy to hack RNG software used by online casinos. The best online gambling sites spend huge amounts of cash to guarantee their games are secure. When securing your new free spins no deposit bonuses, our experts only work with online casinos that use quality encryption technology. Therefore, we assure you that even the most experienced hackers would find it near impossible to hack RNG software.

What Casino Games Use RNG?

All online casino games use RNG software to give you fair playing conditions. The best online slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and other gambling games use RNGs to determine the outcome.

Should I Change My Strategy When Playing RNG games?

This depends on your casino game of choice. For instance, strategies for roulette don’t rely on gauging how hot or cold a table is. However, if you want to use a card-counting strategy, this won’t work on RNG gambling games. If you prefer video slots, check out our guide on how to win at online slot machines before playing.