Slots Streamers Shattered Streaming Records on Twitch in May

June 2, 2021 by: New Free Spins No Deposit

slots streamers shatter record

Twitch is a video streaming platform aimed at gamers and content-creators. With 15 million active users daily Twitch is hugely popular worldwide.

In our quest to know what’s hot and what’s not in the world of slots and casinos, we decided to audit the Twitch Slots eco-system. Our analysis of streaming on the Slots category on reveals that the category is growing at a huge pace, with new records being set month after month.

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35,234,489 – the number of hours of slots content consumed on Twitch in May 2021 – a new record

May 2021 – Slots Streaming on Twitch – Key Statistics

Three new records were broken in the category in May.

  • Slots moves closer to the top 10 – The category was 13th most watched category on Twitch in May- (up 4 spots since April)
  • 6438 channels streamed slots during May
  • 130,622 hours of slots content was streamed in the Twitch Slots category – another new record
  • On average in May, 175 channels streamed slots
  • Over the month, slots had 47,421 average viewers (another new record – up from 30,533 last month)
  • Maximum viewers: 204,468- a new category record
  • Lowest viewers 7,694 (Wednesday 5th)
  • Top Streamer: ROSHTEIN
  • Top streamer hours streamed: 388 hours
  • Lowest # of channels streaming slots :121 (Monday 3rd)
  • Peak slots channels 263 (Friday 7th)
  • Lowest viewer ratio 49.32 (Wednesday 5th)
  • Peak viewer ratio: 1,215.93 (Monday 24th)
  • Peak followers gained 21,981 (Sunday 30th)

Slots – Average Monthly Viewers Record SMASHED

May 2021 was the biggest ever month for slots viewership since the category was created on Twitch in December 2018.
Slots - Average Monthly Viewers Record SMASHED

Who Were the Top Slots Streamers on Twitch in May?

# Channel Hrs Watched
1 ROSHTEIN 6,319,761
2 Trainwreckstv 5,228,199
3 xQcOW 4,162,766
4 VonDice 1,324,601
5 ClassyBeef 1,238,355
6 Xposed 1,150,625
7 DeuceAce 1,005,788
8 CasinoDaddy 840,100
9 Yassuo 730,680
10 coscu 635,637
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