The Difference Between Free Spins, Mega Spins and Super Spins

Updated: 13 Feb 2023

Free Spins Mega Spins Super Spins

One striking feature about slot games and casinos is that they are constantly evolving. Just as you think there can’t possibly be anything new left to introduce, someone, somewhere, comes up with yet another new idea. The latest features starting to appear in some online casino bonuses are mega spins and super spins to add to the usual free spins. But what are they and what exactly can you do with them?

Free Spins

Back in the Dark Ages, casinos only offered percentage cash match bonuses to tempt you to take out a paid deposit. But once free spins no deposit bonuses became part of the picture, they became such a popular feature that almost every online casino on the planet now offers them at some time. Our listings will show you just how many of these lucrative bonuses there are. They are so common, they’re even starting to be viewed as standard bonus features.

How Free Spins Work

When you sign up for a free spins no deposit bonus, you are usually rewarded with a limited number of spins for free. They often number between ten and thirty, and you’ll usually have a window of twenty-four hours to claim them. The spins really are free, but the winnings they earn normally get locked into a bonus account. Then you have to play through wagering requirements which can be set at any amount between twenty-five and seventy-five times before you can withdraw them.

Free Spins No Wager Bonuses

These bonuses appeared next in the evolutionary chain and proved to be a great hit with vast numbers of slots players. Free spins no wager bonuses usually credit you with up to thirty free spins, but they have the added advantage of not bringing along any wagering requirements. The cash prizes you win with them are treated as regular cash and you’re free to withdraw them without struggling through any wagering requirements. Needless to say, these bonuses aren’t always easy to find, but we have a great selection here.

What are Mega Spins and Super Spins?

You have to search well to track down these rare bonus spins, but they are out there. They’re an exciting form of casino free spin that adds a new dimension to your free allocation of spins when you take up a new bonus offer. According to rumour, they began to emerge in response to bored players who believed the regular free spins bonuses were lacking in thrilling game play. Mega spins and super spins are fairly similar to each other, but compared to standard free spins, they both have much higher values. Their increased monetary worth is usually dependent on which slot game they are offered on and how an individual casino decides to set their values.

Comparing Mega Spins and Super Spins to Standard Free Spins

To start with, mega spins and super spins work exactly like free spins in that you receive a set number of spins free of charge to play on a selected slot. However, one category is higher than the other and both of them have more value than regular free spins. A standard spin is usually rated between 0.01 and 0.50 per spin. Mega and super spins can vary between 1.00 and 5.00 which can drastically improve the size of your wins. In effect, they are the high rollers of free spins bonuses.

Mega Spins and Super Spins in Action

Of course, mega spins and super spins come equipped with a whole array of new rules. You usually have to bet at maximum strength, use them up within seven days and you have to meet a much higher threshold to be eligible to withdraw your cash prizes. To be clear about how your casino uses these exciting bonus spins, you’ll have to read the terms and conditions. Mega spins and super spins are still viewed as slightly exclusive and as such, they are sometimes only offered by special e-mail invitation to regular punters who play for real money. In many cases, players have to contact customer services to acquire or activate their new mega spins and super spins.

New Spins for Old

Some casinos are beginning to offer these new spins as part of a recurring weekly or monthly bonus for regular casino members. For example, if you are registered with Rizk Casino, right now they are running The Rizk Exchange where you can ask customer services to upgrade any of your low value standard free spins to super spins which are worth more per spin. And for even more excitement, you can then swap your super spins for mega spins that have an even bigger value.

What’s the Difference?

One day, we’ll all be able to find these advanced bonus spins under names such as ultra, cosmic, monster and epic in addition to mega and super spins. These futuristic bonus spins certainly add an increased dimension of excitement and much larger cash prizes than your standard free spin. After all, a multiplied win on a slot game with a free spin valued at 1.00 or 3.00 has got to be more appealing than one rated at 0.01.