The Different Types of Online Slots

Updated: 13 Feb 2023

types of online slots free spins

Online slots hit the scene in the late 1990s and they’ve proven themselves over the decades. Although the technology has improved since then, the pure excitement of reel-spinning action hasn’t slowed down at all. With so many modern online slot games available in this day and age, the variety can be overwhelming to novice punters.

All online casino slot games should have an RTP (Return to Player) rating that shows as a percentage how much you can expect to receive over a long period of time for your initial deposit. Ratings of over 90 per cent are ideal. Slots offering free spins are even better and give you the chance to try plenty of slot games, sometimes without having to deposit a penny.

An important consideration for finding a fun slot game is to find one that has the right combination of features, bonuses, and an engaging theme that can keep your interest spin after spin. Here are the different types of online slots available in modern online casinos:

Classic Slots

Sometimes, simplicity is best. The nostalgia of timeless casino slot game symbols and rules has translated well into the world of online slot games. Also known as ‘fruities’, classic games often use symbols such as cherries, lemons, BARs, Liberty Bells, Poker high cards, and Lucky 7s and a simple, minimalistic playing area to provide players with an old-fashioned yet exciting experience. A great five-reel classic worth trying out is Cleopatra. The Cleopatra online slot game blends elements of classic slots with symbols and a theme that leans more modern, so give it a spin.

Classic slots traditionally only have three reels. Although the earliest land-based fruities only often had a single payline, many modern online casinos offer players a handful of paylines. Furthermore, many modern adaptations have added bonus rounds and free spins no deposit gaming options that would have been unimaginable decades ago. Many great no deposit casino sites allow players to experience the engaging fun of classic games for free or without a deposit so that they can get right into the action for little to no risk.

Multi-Payline Slot Games

Multiple payline slots have long been used in land-based digital slot machines to allow players to maximise their winning potential. Only playing across the middle position of the reels can be a disheartening and frustrating experience, so look for online slot games with customisable and/or multiple paylines. Some extreme examples use as much as 243 ways to win, whilst many games may have 50 or 100 eligible paylines. A great slot game with 10 paylines that’s easy to get into is Netent’s Starburst. Play Starburst free spins and see what all the excitement is about.

Slots Free with Bonus

One of the biggest advantages of online slot games is their near-limitless possibilities in terms of bonus features. Modern slot games often use a dizzying array of animations and sound effects to truly impress players as they enter into myriad bonus rounds and free spins rounds.

Many online slot games use bonus features that trigger after a specific event and can either take the form of a modified round with multipliers or sticky reels but some include interactive minigames that fit the theme and provide some variety. Free spin rounds are also a common feature in many games and they’re often triggered by landing a handful of the game’s scatter symbol on the reels. Naturally, free spins boost winnings since you’re often receiving 10 or more free spins and get to keep the winnings.

3D Slot Games

Modern video games are far more detailed and boast more impressive graphics than games released in the late 1990s, and so too online slot casinos now offer 3D slot games that look fantastic. Not only are the graphics superior, but 3D slot games also tend to use vibrant and colourful animations and sound effects that match the theme.

Progressive Slot Games

For anyone familiar with progressive jackpots found in land-based casinos, the appeal has transferred over well into online slot gaming. Progressive slot games have a jackpot into which every single player contributes (using a small percentage of their bets). As players spin, the progressive jackpot increases in real-time, paying out only to the most fortunate players. As one may imagine, progressives can build up to very large numbers in short order.

Play Responsibly and Have Fun

All of the above slot games are not necessarily discrete from one another. In fact, there is often much overlap between these different types of slot games. For example, a game may have a progressive jackpot, a classic theme, and offer multiple paylines but have no bonus features. When considering the combinations of game types available, the sky really is the limit.

In order to have an enjoyable experience with little commitment, look for reliable online casinos that offer free spins no deposit gaming, or keep an eye out for a no deposit casino that can allow you to register and jump right into the action.

As always, ensure that you are playing responsibly whilst having fun. Slot games are games, so they should be fun.