Slot Game Hacks

Are you looking for slot game hacks? This expert guide gives you some professional tips to consider before playing for real cash prizes. Although there’s no magic trick to make slot casino games payout, there are ways to give yourself an edge when spinning the reels. Scroll down to learn about the best slot game hacks used by the pros.

Slot Hack 1: Research the RTP

The RTP (return to player) percentage tells you how much of the money wagered goes back to the player in the form of wins. Most online slot machines have an RTP percentage of between 94% to 96%. This percentage is known as the house edge and means that the casino will always come out on top over time.

Why is it important to know?

A simple slot game hack is to play games with a high RTP because the odds are more in your favour. Don’t know which online slot machines have the best RTP? Check out our experts’ favourites below.

Dead or Alive 2 from NetEnt - 96.82% RTP

Immortal Romance from Microgaming - 96.86% RTP

NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest - 96% RTP

Pragmatic Play’s Wolf Gold - 96% RTP

To find the RTP percentage of a game, click on its paytable icon before you spin - this usually appears as a button with the letter ‘i’.

How Does It Work?

Understanding how the RTP works can be confusing, so let’s use a 96% RTP as an example. In this case, for every $1,000 wagered by players, the casino pays out $960. However, unlike this simplified example, casinos never cap the RTP at a set sum. Gambling sites use an RNG (random number generator) to determine this percentage. 

Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to your session - The RTP applies to thousands of bets. Therefore, you could win big with a single spin, which is part of the thrill of slot machines.

Slot Hack 2: Understand the Game

The most underrated slot game hack is to do your homework on the games. Firstly, we always recommend that you check out our expert reviews of the latest no deposit slots. Our in-depth assessments give you a breakdown of the features and playing statistics of the newest casino games.

If you’re new to playing slots, our team recommend that you also do first-hand research. How? Follow our professional tips below to learn how to hack online slots today.

1. Look at the Paytable

Along with telling you the RTP (as mentioned above), the paytable gives you all of the game’s information: available prizes, payouts you can win, and how to trigger the game’s bonus features. 

Remember to ask yourself these questions when looking at the paytable:

How often does this game payout?

Does it offer you a range of bet amounts?

Can you win a jackpot playing this game?

How many bonus rounds does it have?

Answering these questions also ensures you find slots that suit your needs and avoid ones that don’t.

2. Play the Slot Machine for Free

Yes, you can play the best online slots for free. Ok, you can’t win real cash prizes when you spin without paying, but this is a perfect risk-free way to learn the dynamics of a slot machine. Our experts recommend testing various games to find out which types of slot machines you enjoy before playing for real cash prizes.

Once you have found your perfect game type and learnt how it works, take advantage of our exclusive slots free spins bonuses to build your wins before making a deposit.

Slot Hack 3: Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is a system to track how much you spend when gambling. Professional poker players always use this money management system. But even if you’re a part-time gamer just looking to get the best offers at new casinos, our experts recommended that you have a gambling bankroll.

How Big Should My Slot Machine Bankroll Be?

The size of your bankroll depends on you. However, we highly advise that you only play with money that you can afford to lose - never gamble if you need to pay bills or if you’re in debt. Also, keep in mind that your betting style should determine the size of your bankroll:

For penny or nickel slots, we advise that you build a bankroll of 200X your bet

If you prefer quarter slots or dollar slots, you only need to have funds around 150X the size of your average bet

For high-stakes slots (five-dollar bets or higher), we suggest you build a slot machine bankroll 100X the size of your average bet

Set a Win Target When Gambling

When you win playing online slot machines, many suggest you set a win target aside and continue playing with your predetermined bankroll. This approach works for cautious players but can limit your chances when playing progressive jackpot games. Obviously, the higher the risk, the higher reward. On the other hand,  betting like this can be dangerous and could lead to losing all your bankroll.
Therefore, we recommend that you set a win target. Once you’ve won that amount, you cash out the winnings. After this, you can either stop or continue playing with the money from your slot machine bankroll.

Set a Loss Limit When Gambling

Before you play the best slot machines, establish how much you're willing to lose from your bankroll. This trick stops you from running through your money too quickly. Also, resist the urge to pump more of your hard-earned cash into your bankroll when chasing that jackpot.

Slot Hack 4: Use Bonus Offers

Currently, there are thousands of online casinos looking for your custom. For this reason, promotional deals - such as new free spins, no deposit bonuses, deposit match deals, and many more - are getting more generous than ever. 

We recommend that you claim these bonus offers to claim some free play. For instance, when you claim a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to £500, you will have £1,000 to make bets at the casino. Free spin offers are also a perfect way to practice playing slots under similar conditions to depositing your own money.

Slot Hack 5: Cash Pot System on Progressive Games

To use this slot hack, you have to play progressive jackpot games. A progressive slot machine increases its jackpot every time a gamer bets on it and doesn’t win. The game adds a percentage of each loss to the main prize until someone lands it. 

The cash pot system works by finding out the average payout amount of a game and then playing it when the jackpot is close to this sum. For example, if you discover that Mega Moolah has recently paid out an average of $1.5 million, start playing the game when the main prize is close to this figure.

Slot Game Hacks: FAQs

Can you cheat on online slot machines?

Although possible, it’s difficult to cheat on online slot machines because they use RNG (random number generator) software to ensure they produce fair outcomes. As a result, the only way to manipulate the results of an online slot game would be with a programmer who had access to the machine. Therefore, instead of trying to cheat on online slot machines, take a look at our top slot game hacks to give yourself an edge when hunting for real cash prizes.

Do online slot games payout more than traditional slot machines?

Yes, you’re more likely to win playing an online slot than playing a traditional machine. Why? Physical devices use more electricity, take up more space, and cost more to maintain. Therefore, online casinos give you a more beneficial RTP (return to player) percentage because they can afford to. So, If you’re looking for better chances to win, play slots online.

Can I play new online slots for free?

You can play new online slots for free right here at NewFreeSpinsNoDeposit. Our experts recommend that you play them without paying to learn how the slot machine works. What’s more, remember that you can claim free spin bonuses to play the best online casino games at brand new gambling sites. Claiming these offers is also a perfect way to find an online casino that is right for you.

Do some online slot machines give you more wins than others?

Yes, some games give you more frequent wins, whereas others provide you with fewer wins. You can find this out by checking out the game’s volatility. Also known as low variance, low volatility games pay out frequently. These games are great if you crave the buzz of winning often. High volatility games pay out less often, but when you win, you win big.

Is it illegal to hack slot machines?

This depends on the type of slot machine hack. All the slot game hacks we’ve outlined in this expert guide are entirely legal. However, if you try and manipulate the results of a land-based machine with a device, this is illegal and could lead to a fine, a betting ban or even prison time. Our team agree that the risk is not worth the reward.