Hotline™ Slot: Free Spins & No Deposit Bonus!

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Updated: 25 Apr 2024

Hotline Slot Game

What to relive the ’80s in Miami, the home to sleeve rolled suits, flash cars and perms, well now you can with Hotline, NetEnt own slot game version of Miami Vice.

The hotline slot game is for fans of the hit show Miami Vice, with plenty of palms trees, sunsets, exotic sports cars and banging 80s electronic music. Experience this high-octane slot game for yourself

Hotline™ Slot

Hotline is NetEnt’s own version of Miami Vice, they even have two characters that resemble the main characters from the show. The game runs 5 reels and 30 pay lines before you play its recommended to choose a coin value.

Hotline is jam-packed with exciting features which can help you to win some serious cash, they have wilds, expanding wilds, respins and free spins. They also have a feature that is completely exclusive to Hotline, which is the Hotline Bonus, for an increased bid, this feature can generate more free spins and re-spins across multiple levels. Just below, there is a free version of Hotline to try out!

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Relive 80s Miami through NetEnt Hotline and experience the neon lights, palms treats and exotic cars for yourself!