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tipya free bet no deposit

Tipya is the world’s first Free Betting Site that lets users bet with no deposit required. Place no deposit bets like a real bookmaker, compete against other users and win real money prizes!

Tipya is a social betting app that works exactly like a sportsbook but with a whole lot more to offer! Every user can place their bets for free, no deposit required. Track their winning streak, follow other users and compete to win real money prizes without spending a thing.

Free Bets No Deposit


Tipya is making sports betting social with a unique idea that allows users to place bets on their favourite sports and markets but in a virtual way. Put your sports betting skills to the test and make as many free bets as you like. Track your progress against other users and follow popular accounts to improve your betting game and make your way to the top of the table. The top players with the most virtual currency at the end of each month walk away with real money prizes.

You can track all of your betting results with statists for win/loss percentages from your user account, as well as see you bet history to find out which bets were successful or not. You can also follow other users and see their bets. Improve your game and see what the top tipsters are betting on!

The App offers a whole lot more than just ‘free to play betting’. From the market listings, you’ll also be able to compare the odds of the best bookmakers out there in case you wanted to maximise your winnings with a real like bet.

They also provide a live game feed where you can track all of the minute-by-minute updates of all live games. Never miss out on what’s happening by tracking your favourite teams as the game is happening live.

Free Spins No Deposit

There aren’t any free spins here, but you can make as many Free Bets with No Deposit as you like. Have fun making your sports predictions and if you top the table with the most virtual currency at the end of the month, you can walk away with real money prizes.

Sign up for a free account and download the Tipya App to your IOS or Android device for free.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Tipya has the option of paying a monthly subscription to view pro tipsters. For a small monthly fee, a user can access the bets/tips of multiple accounts that know more than a thing or two about making money betting.

The pro tipsters have been selected based on their average number of winning bets being more than their losses. Increase your odds of winning bets and see what the pros are doing!

Free Bets No Deposit


Tipya is currently offering all of its users the chance to win real money prizes for FREE every month. As we’ve spoken about already, the top players of each month will walk away with real money prizes. Win enough virtual money from making bets (placing tips) and top the leaderboard to win!

Money Transfer and Currency

Tipya is completely free to use, but if you do choose to subscribe and follow the pro tipsters, you can make a monthly subscription using the most recognised payment providers.

Licensing, Support and Fair Gaming Policies

Tipya is currently only offering email support but as this isn’t a ‘real money’ betting site, you shouldn’t need to rely on assistance very often.

Good and the Bad

  • Free to use
  • Track your bets for free
  • Find the best odds
  • Live score updates
  • New product
  • Simple look and feel

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Tipya Review
  • 8/10
    Brand - 8/10
  • 7.9/10
    Games - 7.9/10
  • 8/10
    Money Transfer - 8/10
  • 8.6/10
    Free Bet No Deposit - 8.6/10